Thursday, January 28, 2010

Beautiful day on the farm!

Wow! it was a gorgeous day in SC today, the thermometer down at the cottage read a high of 62.

Polka has a cold, which is no good, but no fever, so we spent a lot of time outside today, picking up sticks and pine cones, and assorted trash off the patio (it's something like 25'x20', so there's a lot of area to pick up), threw some of the sticks into the pond, went and looked at the horses, played in the mud, and we both took a good nap!

While outside today, we saw a heron, a red shouldered hawk, assorted blue jays, mocking birds, crows and turkey vultures.

When we were getting ready to go up to the big house for dinner, Wilhelm heard something large moving in the dry pond site in front of the cottage. There have been poachers/trespassers in the past, and no one except family currently has permission to hunt on the land. Also, there are wild boar in the area, and Wilhelm and Buddy have seen sign fairly close to the cottage.

This weekend is shaping up to be both cold and wet, which means Wilhelm and Buddy probably aren't going to be doing a whole lot, and I'm probably going to be cleaning house. It's astonishing how much dirt gets tracked in when we're heating with wood. Even with sweeping just about every day, it's still a mess.

The guys pulled an old tractor tire over next to the small garden for raised bed gardening. Since what we have is basically clay, it's really difficult to grow root crops, and I LOVE fresh radishes and carrots. I meant to measure the tire to figure out how much soil we need to fill it, but got distracted by nap. :)

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