Monday, February 8, 2010

goat photos!!!


Sweetie is our soon-to-be mama, and the larger of the does, Bucky is the head buck, Jenny is the smaller doe whose kid died a few weeks ago (before they were moved over here), and we're not sure why, and Ramsey is the smaller buck, who has been sick, but he seems to be doing better on the new "pasture."

Jenny's totally an escape artist, fortunately, she wants to be with the others so she doesn't roam to far.

The guys let them out of their enclosure for a couple of hours while they were doing some other stuff around the property. Wilhelm says it was easier to get them back in today than it was yesterday. Not sure if that's because Buddy was there or what. They stayed right around the barn, which is good. I'm scared that they're going to end up straying into the woods or something and get where I can't get to them easily. I'm wondering if you can train goats to come at a bell or something (like with treats...)

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