Sunday, March 7, 2010

wow, chickens

So much fun this morning with the chickens. I was told they're Cinnamon Queens, but they're not, as those are a hybrid between Silver Laced Wyandotte with a New Hampshire, but these are White Leghorn, White Plymouth Rock and Rhode Island Red crosses. They're theoretically sex linked, and very pretty, despite having had their beaks clipped.

Polka was pretending to be a chicken this morning, clucking and chirping, "flapping her wings" and "pecking" at her reflection in the waterer with the rest of the chickens. She then danced around them singing "twinkle, twinkle little star" and petting them.

Need to add a T-post to the long edge of their enclosure, and we need to do a little bit of fixing to the coop (making a door/ramp with a way to latch it). The top of the coop opens, and there's a nesting box inside.

Oh, goats and chickens both like honeysuckle leaves. :)

In other news, apparently the rest of Buddy's chickens thought ours were making a break for it, so they dug under the fence and about 2/3 of the 300-odd got out. Buddy and I don't know who all else have taken at least a couple of hours to get them all back in!

Photos to come in a little bit!

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