Saturday, March 6, 2010

yay, chickens!

We now have 4 Cinnamon Queen hens, and my poultry shears are being used to clip their wings as currently the enclosure doesn't have a top (to be fixed ASAP).

For some reason, I'm surprised at how pretty they are! Hoping to get pics in the morning. :)

I'm very excited as they should start laying in the next week or so, and in theory, we should be getting about an egg a day from each. w00t! Looking forward to lots of VERY fresh eggs! :)

Also, starting next weekend, we'll probably start letting them "free range" during the day. Goats and chickens loose during the day! Should be fun for Polka.

Also, finally started getting sprouts from the seeds I planted almost 2 weeks ago. They were on the glassed in patio, but that's still been only around 45F until the last few days. So far we have lettuce, swiss chard and lavender poking through the soil. Have a ton of tomatoes and peppers planted and a handful of squash, zucchini, melons, cukes and some other herbs planted, but not sprouted yet.

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